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  • Narrative

    January Issue: 

    Kashmir is known to be mesmerising no matter in which season you visit this place, but its winter showcases the valley beautifully embraced in a white blanket. The month of January and winter in Kashmir are what fairy tales are made of. This issue will walk you through the vibe of Kashmir during the winter, which showcases the struggles of people in harsh weather conditions and a few smiles that lift the spirit. Seizing these moments was one of the most challenging tasks, especially when the blustery winds were freezing my bones. Snow dazzled on the surrounding peaks and the beautiful Dal Lake, mirroring the ambient frozen beauty. Not just that, the weather was moody those days, and sometimes the sun shone briefly from cloudless blue skies.

  • Specification

    Language : English

    Publication Month :  January 2023

    Pages : 40

    Size :  5.9  x  8 inches (150 X 203.2 mm)

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