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  • Narrative

    Step into the mystical realm of Banaras through the lens of this photo zine. From the ghats that gracefully embrace the sacred Ganges to the labyrinthine alleys resonating with the echoes of centuries, each image tells a tale of timeless beauty and spiritual resonance. The ethereal fog of early mornings weaves a poetic tapestry, shrouding the city in a mystical aura, while the diverse characters and vibrant streets of 'Banaras ki galiyan' unfold a visual symphony of life and tradition. This collection encapsulates the essence of Banaras, from its serene ghats to the bustling lanes, capturing the unique interplay of mood and contrast that makes this city a reservoir of cultural richness.

    As you turn the pages, you'll be immersed in the diverse emotions and weathered architecture, experiencing the soul-stirring vibe that defines Banaras. From the resplendent hues of the festivals to the quiet contemplation of solitary moments, the photographs in this zine resonate with the city's unique energy. This is more than a mere visual journey; it's an exploration of Banaras' spirit, a celebration of its people, and a testament to the enduring charm that sets this sacred city apart. Each frame is a brushstroke, contributing to a larger canvas that beautifully encapsulates the enigmatic allure of Banaras.

  • Specification

    Language : English

    Publication Month :  October 2023

    Pages : 40

    Size :  5.9  x  8 inches (150 X 203.2 mm)

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