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  • Narrative

    February Issue :

    Mumbai is a city of hustling lives and a dreamland of millions. Though paced in its own fast motion, it holds the calmness of a slow and steady sea. It's the beauty Mumbai withholds to give so much to the people walking in with the bare minimum to create a life they only dreamt of. In this issue, we will walk through the lives of a few Mumbaikars falling in love and explore the beautiful scenarios which act like a ray of hope for many. The Marine bays feel no lesser than a Goan beach, and the serenity of a sunset is something words cannot describe. A love spot for the young and old alike. A journey on the pavement that every Mumbaikar wants to reflect on and smile at their fast yet slow progress. The streets are filled with fragrances of multi-cuisine staples created with love and stories waiting to be spoken loud. Markets like Chor Bazar are your biggest escape to anything and everything that you are looking for. Be it fast fashion, a spot for a break from a busy life or comfort food, the heart of Mumbai hold its all. To capture every moment through the lens is an undefinable experience.

  • Specification

    Language : English

    Publication Month :  February 2023

    Pages : 40

    Size :  5.9  x  8 inches (150 X 203.2 mm)

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