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  • Narrative

    July Issue : Step into the world I’ve captured in my upcoming Monograph - A world that brings the lively streets of Kolkata to life through my camera lens. As someone who loves taking photos, I wandered through the bustling streets of “The City of Joy” to capture its vibrant vibes and unique stories. Each photo freezes not just a moment, but the feelings and energy of the streets.

    Kolkata, a city rich in history and culture, comes alive in the pictures I’ve taken. From busy markets to peaceful spots by the river, I’ve tried to show the everyday life that happens all around us. The city’s exciting spirit and interesting mix of things inspired me to capture the small, spontaneous moments that make it special.In this Monograph, I’d like to take you with me on this adventure. Let’s explore together the real and raw beauty of Kolkata’s streets, where old and new come together.

    As you look at the pictures, I hope you’ll feel the same excitement and closeness to the city that I felt when I took them. And through my photos, I want to share the true stories that make it a dream place for photographers like me.

  • Specification

    Language : English

    Publication Month :  July 2023

    Pages : 40

    Size :  5.9  x  8 inches (150 X 203.2 mm)

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